1×07 – “The Andorian Incident”

Enterprise goes sightseeing, Chekhov’s Reed goes off, Rachel finds her calling, and the Club fixes Trip.

Other missions mentioned this episode:

“Arena” (TOS 1×19)
“Journey to Babel” (TOS 2×15)
“The Wounded” (TNG 4×12)
“Starship Mine” (TNG 6×18)
“Tsunkatse” (VOY 6×15)

1×06 – “Terra Nova”

The Club returns from their holidays on the overside to do a look-back at the episode “Terra Nova,” in which a visit to a lost Earth colony ensnares Enterprise in approximately four episodes at once. But are any of them good?

Also, Rachel stymies Brandon’s ability to conjure episode titles from his brain and Rissa presumably wins some money.

Also, Brandon knows The Mummy is from 1999 and was as surprised as you to hear himself say 1997 when editing this episode.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

“Miri” (TOS 1×11)
“The Survivors” (TNG 3×03)
“The Enemy” (TNG 3×07)
“Homeward” (TNG 7×13)
“Innocence” (VOY 2×22)
“Friendship One” (VOY 7×21)
Star Trek: Insurrection

1×05 – “Unexpected”

The Club discusses how unsuited Trip is for humanity’s first deep space mission. As an added bonus, we briefly discuss the episode “Unexpected.” Yeah, we aren’t happy about it, either.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

“The Man Trap” (TOS 1×05)
“Booby Trap” (TNG 3×06)
“Galaxy’s Child” (TNG 4×16)

1×04 – “Strange New World”

Enterprise Club sets course for an uncharted planet while Enterprise gets cavalier about exploring an alien ecosystem. We meet some of the ship’s lower deck crew, and Archer begins the long history of Starfleet captains taking all the most valuable crew members on even the most trivial missions, and Trip begins the long history of Starfleet officers being screwed up by alien flora.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

“The Naked Time” (TOS 1×06)
“Devil in the Dark” (TOS 1×26)
“I, Mudd” (TOS 2×12)
“The Savage Curtain” (TOS 3×22)
“The Naked Now” (TNG 1×03)
“The Ensigns of Command” (TNG 3×02)
“The Chase” (TNG 6×20)

1×03 – “Fight or Flight”

While the Enterprise Club tries to figure out what kind of club it is, exactly, Enterprise sets out on its first regular episode with a dangerous first contact. Hoshi wonders if she’s really cut out for space travel while we wonder if anyone else on the ship is. Meanwhile, Reed still wants to blow things up, Archer tries to find the right balance between Starfleet captain and petulant child, and Travis thinks everyone should just chill.

1×02 – “Broken Bow” (Part II)

The crew sets course for Rigel X, and some rather unfortunate scenes ensue. Will the crew of Enterprise manage to recover Klang and avert an interstellar incident with the Klingons? And what dark secrets do the Suliban hide?

Plus: Learn where the break between episodes is. (It’s not where you think.)

1×01 – “Broken Bow” (Part I)

The maiden voyage of the Enterprise Club! Join Ben, Brandon, Rissa, and Rachel as they set out on the long road of watching and discussing every episode of Enterprise.

In this episode, we meet our hosts, talk about the state of Star Trek circa 2001, and get our first look at the new ship and crew.