1×12 – “Silent Enemy”

Enterprise is hounded by an alien vessel that seems intent on capturing the crew in “Silent Enemy.” To tackle it, the Club is joined by its first special guest, Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way.

You can find Kristine on Twitter @12thKnight or playing roleplaying games on Heroes of the Hydian Way at thehydianway.com, The Glass Dagger at completeknight.com, and Omen’s Call at omenscall.com!

Supplemental Logs

“Balance of Terror” (TOS 1×08)
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1×11 – “Cold Front”

Enterprise has very strange tableware and the club talks about it.

Supplemental Logs:

“A Matter of Time” (TNG 5×09)
“Trials and Tribble-ations” (DS9 5×06)

Archer’s Salt and Pepper Shakers

1×10 – “Fortunate Son”

Enterprise responds to a distress beacon from the Earth freighter Fortunate. Brandon makes multiple beverage-related DS9 references, Ben uncovers Trip’s reason for being on the mission, Rachel plots to clone Memory Alpha, and Rissa examines 22nd century pronunciation.

Supplemental Logs:

“The One With Khan” (TOS 1×24)
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1×09 – “Civilization”

As Enterprise pays a visit to a pre-industrial civilization, the Club muses on the advantages of Klingon succession protocol, Rachel takes the Club on a whirlwind tour of Crandorian fauna, and everyone marries T’Pol.

Then, Brandon demonstrates he knows episode titles but not seasons. Like, at all.

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Chief O’Brien at Work

1×08 – “Breaking the Ice”

Enterprise receives a bunch of mail while Rachel pitches a new podcast, Rachel expounds on Vulcan therapeutic habits, and Rachel considers the etymology of eisillium.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

“Amok Time” (TOS 2×05)
“The Pegasus” (TNG 7×12)
Every DS9 Episode

1×07 – “The Andorian Incident”

Enterprise goes sightseeing, Chekhov’s Reed goes off, Rachel finds her calling, and the Club fixes Trip.

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“Arena” (TOS 1×19)
“Journey to Babel” (TOS 2×15)
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1×06 – “Terra Nova”

The Club returns from their holidays on the overside to do a look-back at the episode “Terra Nova,” in which a visit to a lost Earth colony ensnares Enterprise in approximately four episodes at once. But are any of them good?

Also, Rachel stymies Brandon’s ability to conjure episode titles from his brain and Rissa presumably wins some money.

Also, Brandon knows The Mummy is from 1999 and was as surprised as you to hear himself say 1997 when editing this episode.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

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“Friendship One” (VOY 7×21)
Star Trek: Insurrection

1×05 – “Unexpected”

The Club discusses how unsuited Trip is for humanity’s first deep space mission. As an added bonus, we briefly discuss the episode “Unexpected.” Yeah, we aren’t happy about it, either.

Other missions mentioned in this episode:

“The Man Trap” (TOS 1×05)
“Booby Trap” (TNG 3×06)
“Galaxy’s Child” (TNG 4×16)